Swytch is a platform that incentivizes renewable energy production on a global scale.

Using blockchain technology, Swytch validates green energy production while simultaneously creating valuable forecasting data, resulting in a new economy around offsetting carbon emissions.

The Swytch mission is to accelerate a sustainable and equitable energy future.

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The Swytch economy at a glance

  • The Swytch platform connects to renewable energy devices around the world.
  • An “oracle” leverages the Swytch network data, 3rd part data and advanced modeling to estimate relative environmental impact of each unit of energy and allocates Swytch tokens accordingly.
  • The valuable historical and forecasting production data on the Swytch platform is accessed with Swytch tokens.
  • Tokens can be generated by either producing renewable energy or trading with other token holders.
  • A global economy with a standard currency is created, all based around offsetting carbon emissions.

Use cases include

  • Corporate sustainability programs
  • Environmentally conscious consumers
  • Governmental entities, including “smart cities”

To achieve goals this big requires big partnerships

The Swytch team is partnering with organizations and vendors to bring both producers and consumers together within the Swytch network. To date, the lineup of partnerships includes well known players in the energy and infrastructure space as well as well-respected technology firms. This list includes:


  • Atonomi – Edge level IOT device security and identity
  • Bancor – Smart contract design Network Token Protocol
  • Berkshire Cloud Evident Proof Platform – POP blockchain design and implementation
  • Black & Veatch – Technology and “oracle” allocation model developer
  • BTC Labs – CoinCart and blockchain smart contracts
  • Energy Web Foundation – Technology and network building
  • E2M – Pilot partner
  • HST Solar – Estimator design and data inputs
  • nDimensional – Machine learning/”oracle” allocation evolution
  • Winjit – Mobile app and smart contract support

Cities and Government

  • Korea
    • Ansan
    • Pohang
    • Suwon
    • Yongin
  • Spain
    • Barcelona

Swytch aims to be the platform through which smarter sustainable actions are identified and incentivized.

  • Token Name: Swytch
  • Abbreviation: SET
  • Token Issuer: Token Commons Foundation
  • Token Type: ERC20
  • Token Sale Total: 365M total distribution (~55% available for sale)
  • Max Supply: 3.65B through 2040
  • Token Price: $0.50 USD for public sale
  • TGE Hard Cap: $60M

Token Sale details

The total maximum supply of Swytch Tokens will be limited to 3.65 billion tokens to be generated through 2040. Token incentive awards are dynamically calculated based off of total worldwide demand of energy of 36.5 trillion KWh by 2040. Supply is capped to prevent an unlimited/infinite supply from being generated over the next 22 years.



  • Evan Caron – Cofounder and Managing Director
  • John Redpath – Cofounder
  • John Clippinger – Cofounder and Head of Token Innovation
  • Andrew Pearsons – Managing Director
  • Youngsook Park – VP of Business Development
  • Eric Miller – Director of Product and Lead Blockchain Developer
  • Troy Martin – Director of Compliance and Governance
  • Shawn Harmsen – Senior Back-End Developer
  • Chris Griffith – Senior Back-End Developer
  • Luke Filipos – Senior Front-End Developer


  • Galia Benartzi – Cofounder, Bancor
  • Charlie Firestone – Aspen Institute
  • Brad Hardin – CTO, Black & Veatch
  • Thomas Hardjono – Technical Director, MIT Internet/Trust Consortium
  • Peter Hirshberg – Cofounder & Chairman, Maker City
  • Steve Jurvetson – Venture capitalist and green energy advocate
  • Marcia Kadanoff – Cofounder & CEO, Maker City
  • Kent Larson – Director, MIT Media Lab City Science/CityScope Project
  • Curt Lefebvre – CEO, nDimensional
  • Mickey McManus – Senior Advisor, Boston Consulting Group, Autodesk Fellow
  • Tony Seba – Stanford University, Solar disruption and Innovation Advisor

Swytch offers major benefits over existing incentive programs:


Standardization and liquidity where today there is fragmentation and market inefficiency


Compelling economic incentives for accelerating innovation in sustainable technologies and deploying them at global scale


Decentralized, public, and secure verification of renewable energy production and subsequent transactions lowering both administrative and transactional costs

Swytch Roadmap

Phase One: Commercial Pilots

Currently have ~1.5Gw in current proof of concept pilot with ~2.5Gw under agreement.

Phase Two: Large Scale Producers

Go after biggest producers first -- production-grade equipment is compatible with Swytch and data is easier to gather and trust. We have MOUs with 4 cities in South Korea as well as target cities elsewhere that are eager to use Swytch as a staking token to fund local sustainability programs.

Phase Three: Prosumers at Scale

For everyone else, make Swytch compatibility cheap and easy, leveraging smart meter technology.

The Swytch Platform Roadmap

  • Mobile and web apps ready for launch on day 1
  • Pre-TGE
    • Develop first version of POP protocol with evidence based proofs
    • Validate and secure data flow from assets to oracle
    • Develop Engineering principles model for pilot market
  • 2018
    • Build “off the shelf” POP protocol for commercial-scale producers
    • Layer in machine learning and AI into oracle
    • Incorporate multiple models across NA, Europe and Asian Markets
  • 2019
    • Trusted IOT devices from the consensus layer for POP Protocol
    • Self-improving oracle with added complexity and functionality
    • Global and regional models competing within the oracle