A complete carbon analytics and transaction center with swytchX CARBON

Get swytchX CORE plus Carbon and Transactions as part of swytchX CARBON

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Carbon impact and digital RECs for every asset

The climate impact of every kilowatt of renewable energy produced or energy consumed is measured and made a part of the permanent, immutable records swytchX creates.

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Carbon calculations delivered every hour

Like the continuous flow of energy, swytchX's digital assets are contemporaneously created and delivered

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Certifiable RECs delivered to your digital wallet

As your devices generate renewable energy, swytchX Transactions automates the REC creation process, depositing certifiable RECs directly into your swytchX wallet, ready to be traded or retired. swytchX digital Renewable Energy Credits (RECs) are location, day and time-of-day specific, bringing a level of granularity and provenance that will drive accountability to levels necessary to effect true change in sustainability reporting. Now a process that used to take months only takes hours, creating more efficiency, liquidity and profit.

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Get swytchX CORE plus Carbon and Transactions as part of CARBON

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