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An integrated data layer ready for your business

Gather powerful insights from your organization’s portfolio or forecast performance with swytchX Analytics. Leverage swytchX’s data layer by creating your own computational models within the swytchX ecosystem. Our REST API puts the power of your data at your fingertips for further analysis, modeling, consumption or exchange.

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Virtual submetering for every one of your customers

Often times large sites are aggregated by few or even a single meter, making it challenging to accurately and proportionately split out that energy production. swytchX Meter allows you to create virtual sub-meters for both energy supply and load, significantly reducing costs of meter management and hardware. The virtual meters are digital fractions of the master meter and can provide source-level access to millions of customers.

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Source tracking seamlessly embedded into your service

swytchX Source automatically generates a secure audit trail for every device. Energy readings and transactions are digitally signed and linked to the blockchain while still obscuring the underlying data. Now this power can be delivered seamlessly through your organization's own services, easily accounting for your devices’ activity or tracing your energy back to its source while maintaining privacy and security.

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A robust API ready for your applications

Build your own applications on top of this powerful ecosystem using swytchX Dev. Whitelabel swytchX’s energy source tracking to deliver proof of origin to your customers or build your own internal reporting tools using the swytchX API. Easily scale from small teams to a full customer base with thousands of users.

Whether your organization is making a global transition to net zero or simply trying to get a clearer view of its energy data, swytchX lets you make the right decisions for a sustainable and profitable future.

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Get swytchX Carbon plus Analytics and Dev as part of ADVANCED

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