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What began as an incentive mechanism for renewable energy production has evolved into an integrated platform leveraging the power of blockchain to transform the way energy information is utilized.

How it works

swytchX, as a complete product, can be thought of in two parts: a data pipeline of microservices that ingests energy readings and produces data assets, and a web application designed to explore various stages of that pipeline. These two parts are connected via a REST API that can be exposed to customers, allowing them to build their own applications on top of the swytchX architecture.


swytchX creates a non-invasive connection to your device and listens for energy readings. None of your current business processes need to change and once the first device is connected, onboarding more in the future is effortless.

Demand meters

Fuel cells

Solar Panels

Wind turbines


Supply meters


Once connected, swytchX receives energy readings as frequently as your device emits and bundles them together each hour. Every reading is digitally signed, creating a secure audit trail for future validation.

Polling workers

Polling workers


As energy readings are streaming into the system from devices, swytchX also streams various data points from third party providers to add additional richness to the resulting data assets.

These metadata points include things like weather data, pricing data, grid load, grid emission factor. New data sources are added to the service regularly, further increasing the richness of the data asset.

enrich diagram


Using distributed ledger technology, swytchX digitally signs each reading and transaction and hashes those signatures together to create a digital audit trail. This audit trail can be checked at any time and verifies the provenance of any data in the swytchX system.


A customers’ data is available via conventional REST API, as well as via a digital wallet, as frequently as energy is read and CO2e offset/liability calculated (continuously), and as frequently as RECs are accumulated in mWh bundles.

Our Products


View your organization's entire energy portfolio and understand its impact in one place.


Time-and-location specific carbon impact calculations can be generated from any device that gives off an energy reading.


Create virtual sub-meters for both energy supply and load, significantly reducing costs of meter management and hardware.


swytchX automatically creates a digital audit trail for all energy readings that is secured using blockchain technology.


swytchX automates REC generation process from renewable devices and creates tradable digital assets each hour.


The swytchX ecosystem is wrapped in a REST API that can be leveraged for third party applications.

Our products

swytchX makes sustainability possible and profitable

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