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Pulling data directly from smart IoT edge devices to help producers coordinate, optimize, and increase profitability will drive renewable energy adoption in a huge way.

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I’m advising on their IoT (Internet of Things) strategy.  Swytch is an interesting blockchain company that addresses one of the most important issues of our time:  how to move the world to 100% renewable energy by 2050.  The centralized, government-driven approach to driving adoption of renewables has not worked. The system of incentives in place today is based on legacy ideas, technologies and mechanisms that are inherently flawed. Commercial producers and corporate buyers are frustrated with current incentive programs rife with unverified data and high administrative costs. And – as an individual – if you want to accelerate adoption of renewable energy – it’s difficult to figure out how to take action.

Swytch uses blockchain to bring together data, networks, and incentives for all renewable energy producers to finally get the world to adopt renewable energy at scale. You may have read about the large amount of energy that is consumed as a direct result of bitcoin mining. Swytch’s technology is based on minting not mining, using something called a Proof-of-Production algorithm when awarding tokens.  By participating in the Swytch economy, you can incent producers to shift from carbon fuels to renewable energy.  We envision a world where individuals and non profits buy Swytch tokens and make them available to a village in Africa – say – to fund the development of community-based solar.

Please join me in checking out on the web; to participate in the economy, please go to Telegram at

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