From the edge of renewable energy to the edge of digital finance

swytchX is the combination and evolution of digital technology as applied to renewable energy, energy consumption, and financial technology - delivered in the form of secure, permissioned and exchangeable digital assets.

Prove sustainability, one electron at a time.

swytchX's digital assets represent the purest form of proof and immutability for the real world impact of energy generation. Becoming part of the swytchX network allows companies to stand behind their claims of carbon reductions, sustainability, and renewable energy to prevent greenwashing and provide a source of truth while allowing everyone to read from the same sheet of paper.

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swytchX philosophy

We believe that electricity data as a commodity is vastly under utilized as we enter into a distributed, decentralized and energy efficient world. Energy information today is siloed, linear, unvalidated and non-standardized creating inefficiencies and slow progress to hitting carbon emission goals. As the world continues to heat, and technology continues to advance, the way this information is managed has largely remain unchanged. SwytchX is looking to change the ways of old by disrupting the entire framework of how we manage our energy information. We have built the energy accounting system for the future, available today.

Solar panels in the desert

Our philosophy at work

swytchX is the combination and evolution of digital technology applied to the energy sector and developed for the fintech sector- delivered in the form of secure, permissioned and exchangeable digital assets. We created a platform that turns energy production and consumption information into data rich, digital assets, freely claimed by the owner, shared with others for proof of sustainability, or exchanged for value with 3rd parties. These digital assets are enriched with historically disparate data sources creating a uniquely digital view of the true value of every energy transaction, all through a continuous stream of information anchored to the blockchain.

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The path forward

Whether Fortune 500 financial institutions with multi-million dollar sustainability programs, conglomerates with a mandate to deliver certifiably green products to their consumers, or local producers looking to capitalize on locally-mandated demand response programs, the mission of swytchX is to deliver energy data in ways never before possible. In doing so, our ecosystem creates a new standard for sustainability as a service and transforms historical areas of cost into future centers of profit. For the first time, truly #knowyourenergy. Make the swytch.

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