Tools for a sustainable future

Trace your energy supply back to its source. Understand your carbon impact. View your entire sustainability footprint in one place.
Choose the right tools for the job. Choose swytchX.

swytchX CORE

View your entire energy portfolio and automatically generate digitally signed and secured audit trails for every device.

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swytchX CARBON

See the carbon impact of your portfolio and automate the REC generation, certification and retirement process.

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Create virtual submeters and leverage the swytchX data layer in your own applications.

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Global shifts in the 21st Century

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Smarter Regulation

Municipal and international sustainability mandates increasingly define future business goals.

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Fragmented Jurisdictions

Even though the world is generally unified around the goal of sustainability, accounting and enforcement standards are fragmented.

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Smarter Consumers

Consumers demand more sustainable business practices as well as proof that these practices actually work.

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Outdated Markets

As technology outpaces policy, energy transactions and settlement processes designed decades ago are not longer sufficient.

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Better Technology

The proliferation of IoT and renewable technology means a sustainable world where we can measure everything.

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Underdeveloped Systems

Measuring everything means more data than ever before and our ability to intelligently process and use that data is underdeveloped.

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